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The Group scout records at Gilwell say we were first registered on 26th November 1941. However we have found records at the Glamorgan Archives, that show we were in existence on 1st May 1924 (and anecdotal evidence that may have started even earlier).

In 1947 we appeared to merge with 13th Barry (1st Island) Group, which was formed in 1934,  then reappeared in 1953 when 13th changed its name to 11th Barry (St Mary's) Sea Scout Group. In February 1958 11th Barry (St Mary's) Group held their meetings in a scout hut in John Street off Cardiff Road.

In March 1958 the Group became an "Open" group ie not sponsored by St Mary's Church. Following a fire in the late 1980's, which damaged the building beyond repair, the Group moved to temporary accommodation at Palmerston School, Littlemoors Community Centre and Cadoxton Methodist Church Hall.

In 2000 the Group moved into their present building, having purchased a derelict building, knocked it down and had the basic shell of the building built by LOM of Ilminster Street. The interior was built by some parents and leaders with almost all materials donated..

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